Photographing the culture of a 70s pre-gentrified New York City

Before gentrification, New York City was a gritty and inspiring place. And in its midst was Arlene Gottfried, whose eye for the sublime caught it all.

Photographing the likes of any old New Yorker, Gottfried took to the streets of the city and the boardwalk of Coney Island to capture the authenticity and candidness of their world. The Brooklyn born photographer beautifully transformed ordinary people into fascinating subjects, whether it be a couple on Riis Beach’s nude bay, or a dancer at the disco.

Arlene Gottfried’s work celebrates a time past, but takes you straight to that special moment: lighthearted as it is genuine, it’s a enchanting portrayal of the old New York. Published by powerHOUSE Books, Sometimes Overwhelming brings together Gottfried’s captivating images, and pays respects to the late, great talent.

Have a peek into the book below, and order a copy for yourself here

13 September 2018