Photos from London’s Black Lives Matter protests

On 31 May and 3 June, photographer Adem Aydin took his camera to London's first #BLM demonstrations of 2020: here's what he saw.

This week, systemic racism and police brutality have hit the headlines once more and now is the time to develop an anti-racist consciousness and to become part of the movement to dismantle white supremacy. In solidarity with the protests currently taking place in the US, peaceful demonstrations are being held across UK cities. Londoners came together on 31 May and 3 June — with further action planned on 6 June and 7 June — and photographer Adem Aydin was there to document it.

As Adem explains, the UK urgently needs to take action on racism. “The UK Black Lives Matter movement unifies countless incidents including the Windrush Scandal, The Grenfell Tower Fire, the death of Belly Mujinga and more,” Adem says. “[The protests] acknowledge that while things seem to be at a tipping point in the US, the UK is not innocent by any means and has a responsibility to take a stand in listening to the demands of the BLM movement.”

How would he describe the protests? “Peaceful, powerful and defiant.”

Check out Adem’s photos below and follow him on Instagram at @ademaydinphotography.

5 June 2020