17 October 2022

Pillow Talk: DJ and presenter Tinea Taylor’s night-time routine

UK radio royalty, Tinea Taylor, chats to HUNGER about how she unwinds before bed.

Sum up what you do in five words?

I am a Broadcaster and DJ on TV & Radio. 

What are a few things/people that are inspiring you currently?

Listening to a lot of podcasts by one of my idols Fearne Cotton, and I’m currently reading Roxi Nafousi’s book Manifest. I also make sure I speak to my sisters about life in general because sometimes it’s a lot!!! 

On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you love your sleep?


What time would you ideally like to go to bed, as opposed to what time you really end up in bed?

Ideally, I would like to go to bed at 11 pm, but realistically it ends up being 12 am.

What’s your usual reason for going to bed late? 

My radio show is in the evening, so by the time I get in at 10 pm my brain is still in overdrive so I need at least one to two hours to wind down. 

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

The side away from the door. Always! 

What kind of sleeping position do you normally find yourself in? 

A mixture. I start on my side then end up on my back arms above my head. Very weird. 

What is your bed setup? 

Egyptian cotton sheets, and neutral colours always, with a nice thick throw on top. Plus, 4 pillows and 5 cushions. Yes I like to be comfortable lol. 

Light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?


Morning bird or night owl?

Morning bird.

How do you unwind before bed?

I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then, I apply cleanser, night cream, hand cream and lip balm. I recommend Kiehl’s buttermilk or Laneige’s lip sleeping mask. 

Do you read before bed? If so, what can’t you get enough of at the moment?

Yes, I’m reading Roxi Nafousi Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life, as well as my Bible app. 

What products/items are on your bedside table

My journal, a book, Elizabeth Kenny’s aromatherapy spray, and always a bottle of water. 

What’s the weirdest thing next to your bed?

Not weird I don’t think, but Nasal spray lol. 

Do you sleep with your phone next to you?

Yes, unfortunately, it’s a bad habit. 

What can’t you go to sleep without doing?

Taking off my make-up.  

Do you always take off your makeup before sleeping?

Yes unless I’ve had way too many G&Ts. 

Favourite way to remove your makeup?

I always use Micellar water followed by Disciple Clean and Serene’s Face Wash. 

How does your routine change on Friday / the weekend?

It doesn’t always take as long, especially if I’ve come in late.

Can you walk me through your nighttime skincare routine?

Cleanse with Micellar water, then Disciple Clean and Serene’s Face Wash,  followed by Disciple downtime overnight retinol and hyaluronic mask. 

Favourite products to use before bed?

In the winter, I’ll apply Weleda Skin food to my hands and a gentle amount to my face as it adds a thicker layer of moisture to my skin.  

What do you do if you can’t sleep?

I should read, but I tend to pick up my phone and start scrolling… bad habit.

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