Pillow Talk: Hair influencer Anisa Sojka’s night-time routine

HUNGER chats to hair influencer Anisa Sojka about all things sleep... 

If you’re after commercial-worthy hair, look no further than Anisa Sojka. The London-based content creator, who hails from Morocco and the Czech Republic, is known for her enviable locks, and if you’re looking to cultivate a sleek mane yourself, you can’t go wrong with a gander at her socials. She provides tonnes of handy hair care tips, as well as how-tos on how on creating the season’s hottest hairstyles. Below, HUNGER spoke to Anisa about her night-time routine…

Sum up what you do in five words? 

Content creator/jewellery and hair accessories brand founder. Ok, that was 7 words. 

You’re known for your incredible hair — what are some things you’re doing currently to keep it in tip-top condition?

Thank you! I only wash and put heat on it once a week, and sleep with a silk cap. Then, I apply oil to it daily, use a mask treatment once a week and use a claw clip or silk scrunchie at home to avoid breakage. I brush it several times a day to avoid tangles, and what I eat is very nutritious for hair. Additionally, I drink lots of water and ensure that I am not sleep deprived. 

Being a content creator can be hard! How do you stay inspired?

I get my inspiration from various accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. I am constantly saving images and videos that inspire me. It’s also important to listen to your audience and pay attention to what they engage most with.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you love your sleep? 

10. If I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep I get groggy.

What time would you ideally like to go to bed, as opposed to what time you really end up in bed? 

I like to start heading upstairs at 10 pm to wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. But it’s usually closer to 11. I’m usually asleep by like 11:30.

What’s your usual reason for going to bed late? 

Watching a show or movie, or TikTok!

What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

Currently on the left side, but usually the side furthest away from the door.

What kind of sleeping position do you normally find yourself in?

Fetal position or on my tummy. I don’t like sleeping on my back.

What is your bed setup? 

My sheets are cotton but I most often have silk pillow cases. There are more benefits for the skin and hair.

Light sleeper or heavy sleeper? 

Heavy sleeper.

Morning bird or night owl? 

Morning bird. I am most productive in the morning, I like to just chill in the evening.

How do you unwind before bed? Can you walk me through your routine…

I wash my face, brush my teeth, brush and apply oil to my hair, put my silk sleeping cap on and then I like to giggle for a bit on TikTok before putting my phone down completely.

Do you read before bed? If so, what can’t you get enough of at the moment? 

I used to read loads but social media has taken over. I’d like to get back into it!

What products/items are on your bedside table? 

The only beauty product on my bedside table is my lip balm. The one I am currently using is by Fresh and it is called ‘Rose’. I apply it every night before I sleep. I like a clean and decluttered bedside table.

What’s the weirdest thing next to your bed? 

I have headphones near my bed in case my fiancée snores.

Do you sleep with your phone next to you? 

Yes, it charges on my bedside table as I sleep. I like to have my alarm nearby so I can have a cheeky snooze.

What can’t you go to sleep without doing? 

Look at my diary for what I have to do the next day, I like to gauge what I have ahead of me.

Do you always take off your makeup before sleeping? 

Yes, unless I fall asleep on the couch and I’m too lazy to. Or if I have a late night out I tend to just sleep with it (again, this boils down to laziness and a few too many cocktails).

Favourite way to remove your makeup?

I use a cotton pad and Garnier Micellar Water. It feels the cleanest this way because you can see when the pad is white and has nothing else to remove.

How does your nighttime routine change on the weekend?

It doesn’t really. I have a really simple skincare routine because my skin is quite sensitive. It’s really not long or complicated.

Can you walk me through your nighttime skincare routine? 

I remove my makeup and cleanse my skin with micellar water and a cotton pad. Then I apply the Ren AHA tonic for gentle exfoliation. Told you it was simple!

Favourite products to use before bed? 

The micellar water and tonic. Other current skincare faves are Eve Lom’s Moisturiser, Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Serum, and L’oreal’s Hyaluronic Acid Eye Serum (love the cooling steel balls).

What do you do if you can’t sleep?

I put on a show I’ve seen before, it’s like white noise that calms my mind down from overthinking and keeping me up. 

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