16 March 2023

Playboy magazine is back – and it’s taking on OnlyFans

Playboy Magazine has announced its return, but this time online with a new creator platform.

Playboy Magazine has announced it will be back again with the release of its first-ever digital cover. The relaunch of the publication will “serve as an entry to Playboy’s ‘creator platform,’” according to the New York Post.

The creator platform in question was previously named ‘Centrefold’, where Cardi B acted as the creative director. By dropping the name, this joining of two worlds will bring Playboy into the modern age, as the platform aims to become an alternative OnlyFans with “elevated, safe and exclusive” content. 

The first model to be on the digital cover is Amanda Cerny, a former playmate and online personality. With a futuristic style cover featuring Cerny in a metallic bustier and pants set and matching robotic bunny ears, it was revealed that their content will be seen on their online pages, and subscribers will receive exclusive access to the magazine’s digital cover. Variety reported that the brand will be offering free and paid adult content, whilst users pay individual creators for the backstage content and full shoots. Their USP from OnlyFans, however, is that Playboy will not be featuring amateur models.

They will also feature written content from creators who will speak on their experience in Playboy, including essays. In a statement about the new issue, Playboy’s Chief Brand Officer Rachel Webber said that the “creator platform is the Playboy magazine for the 21st century. We’re putting the power of content creation in the hands of the creative community and giving them the tools to interact with and monetize their fanbases directly.”

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram @amandacerny

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