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Pleasure Seekers: Step inside Coco De Mer’s new age erotica

Rankin has teamed up once again with Coco de Mer to shoot their AW18 campaign.

But this time, it’s set in a futuristic world of grey stone and straight lines, providing the perfect contrast against the female figure and the nature inspired lingerie rang. CDM wants you to express yourself and delve deeper into their world; a world for you to unwind and enjoy the pleasure of your fantasies by connecting through nature and the female form. HUNGER caught up with Lucy Litwack, CEO of the erotica fashion house to talk taboos, empowerment and sex education…

The AW18 collection is called Elysium,” Lucy says. “Elysium is almost unearthly, showing how nature can look human-made, and combining the future with the feel of a more peaceful time. A place to explore, and re establish a connection with yourself. This is Coco de Mer. A place for people to seek distraction from everyday life, and explore their deepest desires.”

“Attitudes have really opened up regarding sex and pleasure in the past 10 years,” she adds. “People are more confident claiming their own pleasure. There has been more interest in the exploration of sex and Coco de Mer has responded with different outlets of education to ensure that sex is pleasurable, fun and safe for all participants.”

Education is also a main tenant of the Coco de Mer brand. “Though technology plays such an important role in the lives of today’s consumer, Coco de Mer strongly believes that touch and interpersonal interaction is central to a happy life,” according to Lucy. “We focus on our offering of live experiences (salons, events, etc.) as a way to gather our customers and provide them with forums for conversation and connection, to us and to each other.” The Salons offer everything from “our most popular” Playing The Flute, to lessons in the art of striptease, Japanese rope bondage or Love Me Tender where you can learn superior spanking skills.

People truly are pleasure seekers,” Lucy says. “They seek pleasure in a myriad of ways from food, sex, art. However the erotic mind wasn’t receiving quite the same attention as other parts of life. The delights that fascinate our senses such as cuisine, design, and fashion occupy the cultural psyche in many different ways from books to magazines to TV. But not matters erotic. They were strangely limited and repressed.”

10 July 2018

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