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Prada presents its sustainability strategy

Culture is the only way.

Driven by more than just a moral obligation, the Prada Group has presented its sustainability commitment guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN plan to build a better and sustainable future for the people and the planet signed by the UN member countries for an achievement by 2030.

Sustainability is at the core of the Italian luxury brand and deeply embedded within the group’s strategy. The commitment focuses on three areas in particular: people, culture and the environment.

The brand believes that diversity and inclusion are valuable sources of inspiration for its work and, more in general, are instrumental to the enrichment of progress in terms of culture and wellness to be shared with its stakeholders.

Respect for the environment is also a guiding principle for the company, which is working towards reducing land take as well as renovating existing structures by purchasing and saving existing buildings with the adoption of the latest technologies.

Lastly, Prada believes that the bond with art and culture is an integral part of the corporate identity and is essential to understand and interpret changes in society and stimulate new ways to grow. The brand has, in fact, been supporting cultural progress through the sponsorship of Fondazione Prada and other direct forms of engagement.

Miuccia Prada commented: “Culture is becoming like a bad word for many people or something that sounds old. So anytime you talk about culture, [it] looks like you’re old-fashioned. Culture shouldn’t be something that you have or you do for looking more clever or intelligent, but it’s something that is needed for your life.

“How do you convince people that sustainability is necessary, they have to understand deeply what does it mean not being sustainable. Culture is the only way.”

16 July 2019