Press play on BenjiFlow’s top tracks

North London producer and multi-instrumentalist BenjiFlow brings his distinctive style to HUNGER and curates us a very special 2018 playlist...


One of the later songs I found in the year but I this sound is all about the feeling. The loop factor is something so melodic is actually what I love about it.

Ragz Originale – ‘Endless’

This is a song which I was involved in, from the drums to the baseline. The Rhodes are like the finishing touch to do production but the vocals, WOW. Ragz melody is unmatched, and the lyrics, brilliant.

Niniola – ‘Bana’

Niniola and Sarz are the greatest duo. Sing song was curated perfectly. Her melody is so beautiful and pure; it makes such a hard-hitting song sound heavenly

Oscar #Worldpeace – ‘Twix’

Produced by the family e-whizz! Oscar is one of the deepest rappers I know. He makes rap with meaning, this is a love song with no happy chords; with the calmest voice giving you chills on repeat!

Fatoumata Diawara – ‘Kanou Dan Yen’

Fatoumata is a great musician, Malian singer and songwriter currently living in France. I have no idea what the lyrics mean but I had this song on repeat for hours straight! The bass, the groove, the timing of the structure. Perfect!

Playboy Carti – ‘Home (KOD)’

Carti is youth! He’s us! I don’t think this song has an actual kick in it, it’s just the deepest 808 ever! Carti is king of youth.

Theophilus London ft Tame Impala – ‘only you’

With the original coming out the 1980s, tame impala took this song to a level that sonically, is amazing. Theophilus London vocalled the song very well making it one of my favs.

Burna Boy – ‘Gbona’

This whole song is just a masterpiece.

Travis scott – ‘R.I.P Screw’

This was on repeat when it came out, the whole album is brilliant but this song just resonates with me very well.

Benjiflow – ‘Deep End’

It’s my riddim, so it’s definitely my favorite.

Kadja Bonet – ‘Mother Maybe’

The mix stood out to me, because the bass line is amazing and it cut through the mix so well. Kadja is an artist I discovered this year but she’s amazing.

Georgia – ‘Started Out’

I found Georgia through Ragz, she’s on his album, but this song came out not too long ago but its greatly put together. She also produces herself, which makes this song special as she understands to pocket of the melody and the groove being so consistent.

26 December 2018