Press play on Mark Ronson’s ultimate tracks for heartbreak

Enter Club Heartbreak and get ready for all the emotions...

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mark Ronson has comprised a playlist of sad bangers, to get you ready to feel just about everything… From his and Miley Cyrus’ very own hit ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ to Diana Ross’ ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ and Prince’s ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’, there’s something for everyone in Club Heartbreak. Talking to Apple Music about the selection of tunes, Ronson prepared us for his new album, explaining:

“Club Heartbreak is a club night me and my friends starting doing while I was creating my new album. It’s a place for people to come and let loose to our favourite melancholy dance tunes — or sad bangers. It had a big influence on my new album too. Here’s a playlist of some of my favourite ones. Enjoy. Dance. Cry. Do your thing.”

Exclusive to Apple Music, press play on the killer tracks below now…

1 February 2019