Quarantine, Netflix and chill? Think again.

It's time to cancel your dick date.

We get it. You’re working from home. You’re bored. Besides scrolling your empty inbox, how else are you meant to fill your time, right? 

I mean, you only need to open the apps to see that London’s sexual underbelly is getting a bit feral. Who knew that a global pandemic could get this fetishized so quickly? It’s only a matter of time until COVID-19 is a category on PornHub… 

But if you’re planning to spend your isolation days orchestrating a mass orgy, think again! The GMFA, a project introduced by HERO, the Health Equality and Rights Organisation, have described sex as a high-risk activity right now, especially if you have more than one sexual partner. The danger of having sexual intercourse comes from the swapping of body fluids including saliva, sweat and semen, which naturally increases the chances of passing on the virus if you have it. Their overarching advice is to calm your passions, even if you’re stuck inside with a long-term partner. 

The GMFA also offered some reassurance to people who are HIV+. They said that evidence currently shows that people living with HIV do not need to worry about COVID-19 anymore than someone who is HIV negative. Those living with HIV are not more likely to catch the virus because of their status. However, they advise that those who are concerned to talk to their GP and listen to advice from the NHS. 

The bottom line is that for now, Netflix and chill literally means Netflix and chill… 

17 March 2020