Raf Simons takes us on a whimsical journey with his latest menswear collection

Electric silhouettes fused with unfading dandyism epitomise Raf Simons’ latest menswear show, offering a collection that that referenced youthful ideologies, providing a colourful inspiration to the Belgian designer by revitalising paint splashes and labcoat layering through the promotion of wistful utilitarian functionalism.

The label’s stand-out pieces upheaved the runway scene as per, including the likes of tapered coats, midi-shorts and oversized knitwear ensembles, further energised by slogan-enriched sportswear pieces that featured verbiage such as “STONE(D) AMERICA” or “MY PRIVATE ANTWERP”, just to name a few. Volumes were reimagined and brought to quite a custom fitted standard, exemplifying oversized tops and shrunken bottoms in most looks, elevating an air of futuristic despair – as seen in the knee-length tunics and sci-fi gloves.

Could it be that a scientific reprisal is upon us? Indisputably, Raf’s sartorial choices haven’t diluted our expectations in this respect – and that’s for sure. Jagged motifs juxtaposed by an often-gloomy tonal variety arose unfathomable austerity, particularly discernible by the heavy leather and sleeveless detailing flowing with major supremacy throughout the collection.

  • words Chidozie Obasi

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