Rankin Photo Challenge: Disconnect / Photos from Week 1

Last week, Rankin challenged you to disconnect with a self-portrait. Here are some of his favourites from what you all came up with.

Last week, as part of a series of weekly photography challenges, Rankin challenged HUNGER’s followers to take a daily self-portrait: not only as a way to stoke creativity but as a means of documenting the seemingly endless time that’s stretching beyond us in lockdown. Now, we’re publishing some of Rankin’s favourite photos out of what you’ve all come up with; each approaching the self-portrait and, ultimately, the very concept of the “self” in unique and varied ways.

If you fancy a feast for your eyes or want to see if your work has been included, scroll below. Want to take part in this week’s challenge and put yourself in for a chance of being featured on HUNGER online? Find more info here.

9 April 2020