Rankin directs Busted’s subversive ode to the 90s

An ode to our favourite decade - Top of the Pops, Blind Date and all.

Busted are back today with their new track “Nineties” but don’t expect Britain’s most subversive boyband to have gone all Gen Z on us. In place of the ‘too cool for school’ attitude that categorises so many music videos today Busted have teamed up with Rankin to pay homage to the era that spawned them, turning the nostalgia up to 100. Expect tributes to 90s stalwarts Blind Date, Gladiators, iconic music videos of the era, and even a cheeky cameo from Rankin himself.

“This film is trying to get back to those amazing Joseph Khan videos of the late ‘90s / early ‘00s, where you don’t over analyse what it’s about or how it’s been made”, says Rankin. “It’s just fun and makes you feel good, in the same way the song makes you feel good. It’s memorable and you want to watch it again and again to take it all in.”

Never mind the Year 3000, it’s all about the 90s.

12 November 2018