13 September 2021

Rankin Opens HUNGER HQ’s Doors For Photo London

To celebrate the photography fair, the RANKIN Studio welcomed the public for a weekend of exhibitions and talks. 

Love photography? Here’s an eyeful! From 9 to 12 September, 29 Arts In Progress Gallery presented a solo show of Rankin’s work, a personal retrospective of the images which represent milestones in his decades-long career: from his iconic images of musicians such as Debbie Harry to Kate Moss covered in spray paint and Jude Law lounging next to a statue of Ronald McDonald for Dazed.

And just in time for the MTV Cribs reboot, HUNGER HQ, the RANKIN studio in Kentish Town, opened its doors to the public this weekend (10 to 12 September) as part of Photo London’s festivities.

As well as giving photography fans insight into the day-to-day running of RANKIN, the open house hosted the debut of Rankin’s The Penthouse Salon: a unique multifunctional concept space which is one part art gallery and one part luxury accommodation, currently housing the exhibition Exploding World, dedicated to Rankin’s lockdown photography of dandelions.

Also on the menu was a range of activities for photography and culture fans, including a private view and afternoon tea in collaboration with newly launched tea brand and herbal mavericks Tuuli Tea, a live discussion between Rankin and Sotheby’s Head of Photography Brandei Estes and NOW: Contemporary Photography From Emerging Voices, an exhibition featuring photography from HUNGER faves such as Jed Barnes, Jordan Rossi, Emmanuel Owusu-Afram, Doma Dovgialo and Tatiana Galic.


Check out what you missed via the gallery below.

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