6 April 2022

Rankin partners with Three to capture the return of British nightlife

Three has partnered with renowned photographer Rankin to capture Brits' return to nightlife as the country marks its first lockdown-free Spring in two years. 

This comes after research conducted by Three (unsurprisingly) revealed that Brits want to keep al fresco socialising in the here and now. Apparently, 89 per cent of us are planning to eat and drink outside most of the time this spring. However, many will also struggle to capture these important memories, as one in two struggle to take pictures or videos at night due to low light conditions and limited knowledge of the photographic capabilities on their phones.

As such, Three is hoping to inspire us all to up our photography game. To help, Rankin took to the streets of Seven Dials in central London on a Saturday evening to capture people on their nights out, using only a smartphone. He’s shared his top tips on Three’s Instagram — take a gander, here.

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