Rankin Photo Challenge: Disconnect/ Photos from Week 3

Last week, Rankin invited you to take a photo of a loved one. Here are his favourites from your submissions.

Last week, in the third week of his ongoing photography challenge, Rankin asked HUNGER fans to take a picture of the people they are close to; either in person, for those lucky enough to be isolating with their family or friends, or, for the less fortunate, over FaceTime. Announcing the challenge, he recommended that hopefuls get under the skin of their chosen subject, saying: “Show me something about them that tells their story, or something about their personality. ”

If you fancy checking out our audience’s photographic talents or want to check if your submission has been selected, scroll below. Want to see your work on HUNGER next week? Click here to read more about this week’s challenge and to learn how to take part.

Nathan Appleyard


  • Cover image Finn Evans

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