Rankin Photo Challenge: Disconnect / Week 5

Bored AF? It's Week 5 of Rankin's Photo Challenge.

Boredom is the key to creativity. What we want you to do is to disconnect. To look around you. To question your relationship to your social media accounts and your screen. To use them in a genuine, meaningful way. And only if you want to.

Last week we saw so many incredible submissions for the first challenge, where Rankin asked you to submit your self-portraits. Rankin will be sharing some of his favourite submissions on HUNGER at the end of the week.  But now we’re ready for Week 5.

If you want to use Instagram, you can tag @hungermagazine or @rankinarchive in the photo and hashtag #rankinphotochallange. And if you don’t, you can email submissions@hungertv.com.


When thinking about the bigger world, sometimes it’s good to look at the small things. So, for Week 5 of the photo challenge, lets think smaller for a change. Most phone cameras can do very close macro shots. What is hidden in the details?

I always seem to find faces everywhere, but what do you see?

Photography Rankin

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