Rankin Photo Challenge: Disconnect/ Week 6

Need a distraction? It's Week 6 of Rankin's Photo Challenge.

Boredom is the key to creativity. What we want you to do is to disconnect. To look around you. To question your relationship to your social media accounts and your screen. To use them in a genuine, meaningful way. And only if you want to.

Last week we saw so many incredible submissions for the fifth challenge, where Rankin asked you to submit your macro shots. Rankin will be sharing some of his favourite submissions on HUNGER soon.  But now we’re ready for Week 6.

If you want to use Instagram, you can tag @hungermagazine or @rankinarchive in the photo and hashtag #rankinphotochallange. And if you don’t, you can email submissions@hungertv.com.

HyperFocal: 0

“For this week, my theme is beauty. Obviously beauty is very subjective, ‘in the eye of the beholder’ might say. For me personally it’s a very creative category within photography, as it’s a lovely mix of portraits and fashion!

My challenge is for you to take a photograph that encapsulates beauty as you see it. Now this can be full of make up or just natural, it’s up to you, but I’d love people to get creative and have fun. Lots of smiles and having a laugh!

For parents at home I encourage you to get your kids to join in with this one. Putting make up on themselves or their granny or granddad can really get to the heart of what make up and beauty is about: why do we wear make up, why is something beautiful too some people and not to others.

Of course nature can be beautiful but I think we should leave that to another challenge, so no flowers this week! Good luck with it.”

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