Rankin shoots Liv Tyler for the cover of Hunger 15

The iconic actress shines bright in a cinematic editorial for our Fantasy meets Reality issue.

Even in an industry of unconventional stories and gilded lineage, Liv Tyler’s myth has been insistently fascinating. As second generation, the progeny of a rock star and a model, she always seemed destined to be in the public eye – as another profile once put it, she is “an actress whose career has chased her a lot harder than she has ever chased it.”

In Hunger 15, as we explore the increasingly blurred lines between fantasy and reality, Liv opens up about suffering from stage fright and her own reluctance to play the fame game. “The acting part of it I love – the history, the filmmakers. The flashier parts of it, never. I don’t want to go to Hollywood Boulevard. I was never very interested in the social part of the industry. I think being second generation it loses its appeal – if anything you’re sceptical about it.”

Reflecting on the past seismic year in Hollywood, she says “I feel like it’s always an interesting time to be a woman. But I think it’s amazing that there’s so much opportunity and so much focus on making things right and more equal. I think it’s also important to look at how far we’ve come. We take that for granted, being free, young, independent women in this Western world, who can make anything we want happen if we put our minds to it. There’s a lot of women who don’t have the opportunity. Everyone talks about the entertainment industry and I’m like, ‘I’m so glad, but there’s so many other industries in the world where things are not fair at all’. It’s a bigger conversation.”

Read the full interview in Hunger 15 #FantasymeetsReality which will be available in stores and online from 27.09.2018


20 September 2018