Rankin teams up with Busted again for Radio video

Pulling on the heartstrings of nostalgia.

Rankin once again teams up with returning rockers Busted for their new video “Radio”. Following on from their previous collaboration for nostalgic music video “Nineties”, “Radio” is a heart wrenching power ballad once again playing on nostalgia, this time evoking memories shared of listening to the radio with someone special.

“Listening to the radio can evoke nostalgic reactions, and when a song comes on it can really take you back to that moment,” says Charlie Simpson. “But when the song reminds you of losing that person, what would’ve been a good feeling suddenly feels very empty.”

“Radio” is the latest track released before the band drop their new album, “Half Way There” on February 1st. Check out the video below.

12 January 2019