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Rankin to take part in #BrandShareTheMic

Tomorrow (3 July) thirteen brands will uplift Black voices in the creative industries.

As the Black Lives Matter gained momentum once more in recent months, a wider consciousness shift has led white and non-Black individuals to question their own industries and workplaces and the lack of diversity therein. 

Over in the US, the #ShareTheMicNow initiative saw Black women take over the Instagram accounts of white celebrities like Julia Roberts, to both boost their platforms and demonstrate how the entertainment industry needs to do more to amplify Black female voices. Now, the #BrandShareTheMic is set to instigate a similar conversation with, you guessed it, brands. Organised by youth marketing agency Livity, the Instagram accounts of thirteen brands — including Rankin Creative, Depop, Spotify, Love Honey and Murad — will each be taken over by a Black creative on 3 July. 

Tomorrow, you will find Callum Malcolm-Kelly representing Rankin Creative and heading up Rankin’s Instagram account, @rankinarchive, as well as popping up across Hunger and Rankin Creative’s accounts. Callum is a photographer and the founder of London Cowboys creative agency, and his work translates the vibrant energy of London culture to a wider audience.

Other participating individuals in the #BrandShareTheMic initiative include skin specialist and The Sunday Skin Series host Kevine Bikebi who will be at the helm of Ren’s Instagram, Chief Operating Officer of socially conscious creative agency Public Ambition Raye Saleh who will be taking over at Freeda, and CEO of sustainable brand Revival and Resurrection Tobi Kolawole-Olutade who will be heading up Tala’s Instagram. 

Body positive influencer Georgia Dodsworth will be at Coppa Feel, Vic Sanusi and Jasmine B-W hosts of Black Girls Livin’ podcast will be heading up Spotify and @everyshadeblog blogger Rianna Lewis will be at Murad. Creative cook and entrepreneur Safiya Robinson will be at the helm of Vita Coco, host of Just The Tip Podcast Georgette Olaiya will be taking over Love Honey, and creative director and editor of New Wave Magazine Derrick Odafi will be taking the reigns of Livity. Rounding things off, The Catch Up with Eki radio host and Diaspora Darlings founder Eki Igbinoba will be at U Globe, content creator and founder of @thecreamycrackrehab Beulah Davina will be at Living Proof, and Chicago-based Depop seller and fashion designer Leeanna will be taking over at Depop. 

Learn more at the @brandsharethemic Instagram page and keep your eyes peeled for Callum’s handiwork over at @rankinarchive.

2 July 2020