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Rebecca Coltorti, the new gen fashion collage artist to follow

Meet your new must-follow.

Italian-born mixed media artist Rebecca Coltorti is part of a new guard of IG collage artists mixing traditional and digital techniques to express her creativity in the fashion work. The 23-year-old one-to-watch, who has created artwork for the likes of VOGUE, ELLE and Paper Magazine, joins Sony’s collective of designers to create a range of exclusive designs for the newly launched the newly launched FES Watch U.

“My design stems from the desire to express my aesthetic as an artist. I work with several techniques but I’m known for mixing collage and paint, so it was a challenge for me to find the right key to transpose my style into a simple drawn graphic that would meet the technical needs of the FES Watch U”.

“My works are mostly based on textures and my favourite to use are the animal ones. So, I decided to paint a sort of a patchwork with them taking inspiration directly from my artworks. For the watch face, I opted for a minimal design and elegant numbers to get a bold and feminine look”. HUNGER meets the next-generation artist…


Why did you want to be involved in Sony’s project? Talk us through your design and process?

I was really happy to be chosen for this project because it’s such big opportunity and being able to represent my country makes me really proud. Also, I loved the idea to involve artists to promote the launch of the new FES U Watch. Seeing your own design applied to a product is always exciting.

What inspired your first forays into collage?

What inspired me to start collaging was actually a need: to mix my passion for traditional techniques and my digital skills. I was so tired to just paint and draw realistic portraits. I wanted to do something different and able to make me feel alive, making me express my creativity in a total different way.

What themes are you most interested in exploring? How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?

My favorite theme to explore is the texture. Researching the right and most captivating ones is something I spend lots of time on. I would describe my aesthetic as quirky, bold and feminine.

Who or what inspires your work? 

My works are inspired by what I visually like. I don’t make conceptual art, it’s all about what I’m excited to stare at. So my main inspirations are textures, flowers and animals, things you can often see in my artworks. I like to play with contrasts and random elements that don’t make any sense together but they do aesthetically.

Talk me through the process of your fashion collages? What techniques do you use and why?

My process doesn’t start with sketches. I like to just start playing around the picture until I find the right direction. At that point I start working properly on the elements: I print and cut them, paint something if necessary and then I scan everything. I prefer making the composition on Photoshop because I feel freer in creating my artworks. So the techniques I use are a mix of traditional and digital ones.

Which Instagram accounts do you love and why?

I’m in love with Fabio Bozzetti’s profile, who is the photographer that made the photoshoot for my watch. He makes my favorite portraits to work on so I always look at his Instagram page with curiosity. I also love another photographer/artist which nickname is @suffomoncloa that posts these beautiful and dark mood boards and photos that are often mixed with art.

The future of fashion in one word?


The new FES Watch U is available now in the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. It is available in silver or black and is priced at approximately £529 and £699 respectively. Find out more here and check out a selection of styles in our gallery below available to buy via Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccacoltorti_art

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28 November 2018

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