Reebok advances the 90s revival by re-introducing the Aztrek

The return of an underground classic.

Twenty-five years since it was first launched,  Reebok have revived their iconic (and underground classic) silhouette, the Aztrek. Originally the Aztrek was intended for off-road, active performance, lending the shoe a 90s-futurist aesthetic – like something off-duty astronauts might wear in a airfield somewhere in the Arizona desert.

In celebration of the release, Reebok have paired with a series of tastemakers inspired by 90s style. Each creative has taken the Aztrek into the backcountry, paying homage to  the origins of the shoe whilst exploring  landscapes that provide a refreshing interruption to the stream of industrial and urban lookbooks. Today, we’re sharing a film featuring Jordan Page, best known as the chronicler of 90s style @VeryAdvanced. “If I had to describe the 90s I would say active, colourful and powerful,” Page explains, describing the Aztrek as one of the defining shoes of the decade. For the shoot, he wears a selection of archival pieces that he personally curated and that are now available to win as a one-of-one collection. You can sign up for that – and to win similar collections from five other Reebok-selected 90s revivalists – here.

In the meantime, check out the film below and follow Reebok on Instagram.

11 October 2018