Rinse, Repeat: Step inside Richard Malone’s first solo exhibition

“I don’t think there is much to clothes, until people are in them.” Richard Malone

Inspired by the constant fluidity of the changing landscape of Greenwich Peninsula – the newly evolving cultural hub of London – and the nearby cyclical motion of the River Thames,  RINSE, REPEAT will be an interactive multi-disciplinary installation made up of three elements, creating a conversation around fashion, movement and art.

Available for visitors to view for free from 28 November ’18 to 27 February ‘19, RINSE, REPEAT will offer an insight into Richard Malone’s processes and passions: resourcefulness, hyper-construction and atypical elegance. Celebrated for his detailed, sensitive study of the woman’s form and creation of a rare sustainable fashion practice, focal points will include large soft hanging interactive sculptures and intimate vitrines that will display  Malone’s creative process of clothing design through toiles, samples, sketches, textures and video.

As part of the installation, a series of large moving images will display performers repeating hypnotic movements designed to invite the public to examine the reality of making and building around the human form, creating a conversation that circles between the creator, performer and viewer and back again – the “rinse and repeat”.


On the installation, Malone comments, “The future of London is uncertain, and slowly being built in front of us. The aim of this installation is to literally light up the Peninsula with a body of work that is human, joyful, bold, creative and inclusive, as well as forward looking. The exhibition will involve and confront viewers from outside in hypnotic and repetitive movements, as well as improvised, bold moments of motion that stem from the dialogue between maker and performer. A big aim of mine is to highlight Greenwich Peninsula’s ever changing functionality and potential.”


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