15 April 2021

Rising Artist Maeve Releases “Bleach”

With the second single from upcoming EP 'Caravaggio in a Corner Store' the singer-songwriter is carving a niche for her own "dystopian pop".

Today, emerging singer-songwriter Maeve drops “Bleach”, the second single to drop from her forthcoming EP Carravagio in a Corner Store. Following on from “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, “Bleach” is another masterclass in crafting a catchy yet experimental pop melody over inventive beats. 

A nod to the often sinister world of social media and the constructed images we choose to display online, Maeve sets out on a mission to break down the smoke screen. “It’s about how we clean away the dirt – the things that aren’t beautiful,” Maeve muses. “You can be going through absolute hell and at the same time everyone can think your life is perfect because of what we all decide to show to people.” Maeve muses. Choosing to rip down the velvet curtain and make people stop and think, “Bleach” is an antidote to social media perfection. 

A self-described dystopian pop artist who found herself in Shoreditch after being displaced by a hurricane that tore through her native Cayman Islands, Maeve has been influenced by artists such as Tom Waits and Bjork. With a fearless DIY-aesthetic and powerful vision, Maeve is carving out her own path in the pop landscape. 


Listen to “Bleach” here

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