14 May 2021

Rising Pop Artist Maeve Drops ‘Sick’ Video

The visuals for the track co-produced by Kai Whiston reference legendary performance artist Marina Abramović to explore ideas of self-trust.

Maeve – real name Arianna Broderick – is doing things her own way as a 100% self-made DIY artist. Part of the generation of kids raised online and born into a world of modern loneliness, Maeve is asking questions and challenges outdated norms.

Her latest track “Sick” follows on from tracks “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” and “Bleach” from debut EP Caravaggio in a Corner Store set for release 17 June. Co-produced by Kai Whiston, the track offers yet another uniquely distinctive soundscape with the artists haunting vocals overlaying distorted rolling beats. A declaration of love, it’s a song about pure infatuation, and wanting to have every piece of someone. 

On the visual side of the track, Maeve worked with the director Joshua Trigg to create a storyboard that expands on the messiness she declares in the songwriting. “I wanted to expand the song’s meaning from a love song to a celebration of not conforming to ideas of what people want me to be. I’m muddy and sick and going my own way and hope that you will join me.”

In a press release, she admits that the video was inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović; “I got inspired by Marina Abramović’s Rest Energy performance piece. It’s a performance piece all about trust. I wanted to create this idea of trusting yourself.”

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