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Rising rapper Jay Prince’s photography is as powerful as his music

In his own words, Jay Prince talks us through his captivating photography.

“Photography has overtime been another outlet of art, I’ve always been into a visual approach to things, I feel that just like music, visuals can also tell a story and link to how you feel to express and inspire. Taking on photography wasn’t something I thought to be separate to how I create music, for me its an extension of what I already do and how I already express myself. Its something that has overtime taught me a lot on how to comprehend something I may want to get across in this way.”

London Borough of Newham

“I grew up in Newham, East London, a borough full of people from different nationalities and backgrounds, growing up in Newham allowed me to cross paths with people from around the world, from school to even the group of friends I have, we all had one thing in common which was living in the same neighbour hood but we were also able to share different aspects of our lives from the backgrounds we come from and our families have brought us up with. This made me see the world from a lens outside myself.”

Los Angeles, California

“I had my first encounter with California when I was only 20 years of age, it was a crazy feeling knowing that music could have me travelling outside of my home town, this feeling opened my eyes to so much. Absorbing not only the feeling I felt performing and meeting people, but also being in such a different environment in every single way from the weather, the scenery the feel, the culture practically everything this was a drive that I knew would be something that would keep me going wanting to see what else the world had to offer.”

Hong Kong

“Going on tour sharing my art with people of different backgrounds has allowed me to visit various corners of the globe. The exciting part about capturing moments in these places is that its the one time where I can have no expectations, it forces you to put your stereotypes and your judgement aside, because of the access you have to these places and people you never see on a regular basis. And that for me is where the inspiration and creativity lies when being in these different cities. I had a moment like that being in Hong Kong.”

Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa

“As mentioned previously growing up in London, I was exposed to people of different backgrounds, people from all parts of the world, different parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. Taking a trip back home to Congo a place I heard so much about growing up from my parents and family members, it was an experience one cannot fully put into words, but refreshing and insightful for the most part, being inspired by your own people being able to relate and learn about my culture seeing so much beauty and life in a place that has experienced and still is experiencing so much pain, trauma, and political unrest. This photo represents how powerful music and expression is, despite all that is going on we use art not only as a way to get our feelings across but in a way that is us, it is the freedom and light we shed.”

Canning Town, London Borough of Newham

“Everything starts at home, where you’re from, where you begin your journey, and these kids are a representation of the place I grew up in and where they can go to with their lives with the path we all pave for them and for others.”

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4 December 2019