20 December 2019

River Gallo selects their intersex icons

The Listen Up cover star, director-actor and intersex rights activist curates a list of individuals doing important work for their community.

At HUNGER, we’ve made no secret of our admiration for Listen Up cover star and this week’s HUNGER guest editor River Gallo. Proving the importance of representation, their acclaimed short Ponyboi is helping to improve awareness and understanding of the intersex community. As Ponyboi is adapted into a feature-length film and they remain outspoken on intersex issues, they continue to build on their achievements.  

As part of their guest edit, River has decided to showcase the other intersex icons doing vital work. Whether it’s in music, fashion or activism, the intersex community is thriving — and it’s time you paid attention. 

Ana Roxanne

Ana Roxanne is a Los Angeles-based ambient musician with a background in choral music, jazz and classical Hindustani singing. Approaching the voice as an instrument, she combines vocal soundscapes with textured electronic production that mimics devotional music. Within her work, which also touches on themes of sexuality and gender, the listener is encouraged to stop and reflect. Publicly coming out as intersex in 2018 Ana combines her work as a musician with being an advocate for her community. 

Hans Lindahl 

Hans Lindahl is a writer, public speaker, digital creative and self-described “angry pink cloud”. As a journalist for publications like them and Teen Vogue their writing on intersex issues is accessible, informative and nuanced. However, their talents don’t stop there. Involved with interACT Youth as Communications Director, they work to promote laws to protect and empower people in their community. 

Anick soni

First publicly sharing his story in 2018, Anick Soni is a multidisciplinary creative, activist and researcher working to improve understanding of intersex identity. He recently appeared as the subject of Radio 1’s The Intersex Diaries, a vital documentary in which he relates his personal experience and meets other members of the intersex community. 

Alicia Roth Weigel

Alicia Roth Weigel is a policy, advocacy and campaign strategist working to improve the legislative landscape for marginalised populations in the US and beyond. She also works with interACT as an advisor, with the ultimate goal of fostering more intersectional advocacy in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Pidgeon Pagonis

Pidgeon Pagonis is an artist, academic and activist who can be found doing everything from making films to giving keynote speeches at academic conferences. Using YouTube as an accessible platform to demystify the intersex experience, their videos have attracted millions of views and this year they released feature-length documentary “A Normal Girl”.

Hanne GabY Odiele

Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele was already one of fashion’s most in-demand names when they came out as intersex in 2017. Using their platform to make change, they’ve since partnered with InterACT and given multiple high profile interviews in order to improve intersex awareness. 


Seven Graham

Seven Graham is a British comedian, playwright, filmmaker and drug addiction counsellor. In 2017, they wrote and performed in the solo play Angels are Intersex and have since worked as a co-producer on Ponyboi. Across their multifaceted work, they serve as an advocate for intersex human rights.

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