Rot In Paradise: A series exploring the impermanence of beauty

Known for her distorted cyber looks and provocative glamour – Hungry is an artist challenging all of our ideas about drag.

Describing herself as “an organism struggling to fit into any niche and forced to create their own biosphere”, the performer and muse’s latest collaboration with photographers Phillip Prokopiou and Panos Poimenidis at Studio Prokopiou is an otherworldly experience.

Commissioned as part of The Mandrake Hotel’s artist residency program, “Rot In Paradise” explores the impermanence of beauty.   Set in a series of imagined worlds, the visuals see Hungry channel the mythological, futuristic and decadent to surreal effect. Explore the striking images below and follow @isshehungry and @studio_prokopiou for more inspiration.

  • Talent Hungry
  • Photography Studio Prokopiou
  • All makeup and clothing by Hungry
  • Blonde wig in marble and horn shots by Pablo Kuemin
  • Photographer’s Team and set Panos Poimenidis, Ezekiel Santos and Shea Cameron
  • Floral Set Designer Stuart Fenwick assisted by Paula Harrowing
  • Curation and production management Maguelone Marcenac
  • Shot on location and with support from The Mandrake Hotel

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