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Samantha Emery is mobilizing and uplifting female creators

A renaissance is in our midst...

For eons now the Great Masters of Fine Art have consistently been just that: masters, never mistresses… Centuries and centuries of misogyny wasted very little time in appropriating the term to degrade and oppress women. Notably women who have gone against the grain, who have refused to accept societal codes and conventions. The inevitability of a male gaze – upon the works created and muses discovered – is cause enough for a renaissance today, of female empowerment in the arts especially. New female-led perspectives have evolved into the plethora of poignant and necessary projects, and are ones that we should get on our radar.

London-based artist Samantha Emery is one of those people contributing to the future narratives of womanhood, both on and off the canvas. Emery’s enchanting mixed-media works are a complex re-envisioning of the spirituality and essence of womankind. Featuring portraits of the women she draws inspirations from as well as self-love self-portraits. Emery’s works are powerful embodiments of self actualization, as well as a literal contribution to organizations that actively work towards the mobilization of women.

IKONA | Wise Women is the next series encapsulating the very ethos of female empowerment showcasing cultural activists, journalist, filmmakers and many more. A portion of all of the artists’ income is donated to Working Chance charity and the Malala Fund.

1 August 2019