Samsung UK Launches Project Plant

Come and experience the UK’s first urban-farm-to-table pizza pop up in the heart of East London.

Small space growing is having a moment and for good reason as during the pandemic, an estimated 3 million gardeners were born, many of them belonging to the city-dwelling Urban Gardener set, and their presence didn’t go unnoticed. So much so that this year, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show created two new categories to celebrate those committed to growing in the smallest of spaces. Even Selfridges has harnessed the UK’s green-fingered obsession with the recent opening of it’s new Garden Centre at the Oxford Street store.

There’s also the hugely popular Tiny Living movement in which Japanese inspired tiny homes are even incorporating small space growing into the blueprint of their designs with interior courtyards, especially created to grow their own food. (Source is Yanko Design)

People are finding duality in small space growing as they seek to create aesthetic led edible gardens by mixing edible produce into existing containers, or even vertically in their homes.

Also, to look at it from the other side of the coin, news has recently landed that Britain is in the process of green-lighting gene editing across our crops, albeit with the aim of ensuring we have enough (good) food as a nation, plus the shocking revelation that a report by Pesticide Action Network revealed almost all grapes and oranges contain a “cocktail of pesticides”, it begs the question, what could be achieved if more people grew their own food and were committed to small space growing?

Samsung, the tech innovator on a mission to get people thinking differently, has recognised the shift in consumer behaviour and created a platform which celebrates small space growing and brings the phenomenon to life. It’s called Project Plant and is the UK’s first urban farm-to-table pizzeria. Think a functioning urban farm with an Alice in Wonderland-esque twist, all rounded off by delicious pizza provided by sustainable pizzeria, Purezza.

Samsung’s aim is to make small space growing even more accessible to the masses and reimagine how we do things in future and show that one-size doesn’t fit all, especially of those living in the middle of vibrant cities with little to no outside space of their own…Plus, as we head into the colder and darker months, Project Plant will show how we can all grow in our own homes with a little bit of help from technology – bring light and warmth to dark and cold, unused corners of our homes, reminders to water plants and the ability to quickly find inspiration of what to grow and how to make it into feature within your living space, plus access to online support and resources.

Project Plant is running 15th – 17th October at the Film Shed in Dalston. Tickets are £5. The cost of which will get you a drink and a slice of delicious pizza – which you will have harvested the toppings for within the immersive domes in which tomatoes, mushrooms and rockets have been grown by partners, GreenLabs, and enabled by Samsung’s SmartThings platform.


Grab your Project Plant ticket here

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