28 October 2022

Seoul Design 2022 is shining a light on South Korea’s talented global design scene

A variety of South Korean design companies, designers, product developers, and makers will display their talents during the event.

Seoul Design 2022 expands on the solid foundation built from the year’s previous events, solidifying itself as one of the world’s most impressive design showcases. By extending the event duration and expanding locations to the entire Seoul area, including the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), it has bolstered its expertise and quality as a comprehensive design MICE event.

Korean culture is currently making massive waves in the Western world across the disciplines of film, music and fashion. Seoul Design is a reflection of those talents getting the recognition they deserve. This year’s theme for the event is “Beautiful Life,” which is described as “making our daily lives more valuable and beautiful.” And includes four key platforms At DDP Art Hall” Theme Exhibition: Beautiful Life, DDP Design Fair, Young Designers and Design Market: Design Village’ At DDP Oullim Square.

Seoul’s leading DDP-centred annual events include Seoul Design Week, a citizen’s design festival that the foundation has been running annually since 2014, and the DDP Design Fair, Asia’s primary design launch fair, which has been held for the last 3 years. At DDP Art Hall, the installation exhibition, Exhibition: Beautiful Life, expresses the year’s theme through digital design, ‘Design Trend Convention: Corporate Brand Pavilion’, which presents the value of corporate branding through design.

At the DDP Design Fair, visitors can be the first to see 120 new products developed in collaboration between small business owners and designers, plus 20 product launches from design studios. From small home accessories to larger-than-life products, new designs are created months in advance and are based on recent trends and fresh ideas from innovative designers. The exhibition focuses on the industrial and public values of design as well as a desire for a better and more sustainable life. This year’s event is being held during Seoul Design 2022 and, as a result, will feature new products that best represent the values of Seoul.

One of the brands to come out of the ‘Design Trend Convention: is the wildly impressive Hyper Sports Club, a next-generation Meta and sneakers fashion project – led by Steve J & Yoni P – that blurs the lines between physical and digital fashion.

Other events that will take place include the International Design Trend Forum, a Company Pop-up Market, Small Business Design Market and even a pet village, including an adorable pet playground. Seoul Design 2022 began on October 19th and will continue until November 2nd.

  • Writer Christopher Saunders

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