30 August 2023

“She really don’t fuck with them”: Fans react to Kim Cattrall and SJP’s feud following Vogue cover

Fans have been left in a frenzy as Kim Cattrall graced the cover of Vogue Greece following her return to the ‘Sex and the City’ franchise, ‘And Just Like That’.

It is no secret there has been a long standing feud between Sex and the City stars, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. A feud so big that Cattrall did not return to rejoin SJP for And Just Like That…, the reboot of HBO’s classic, Sex and the City.

According to rumours, the pair’s dispute has been brewing since the series finale of Sex and the City back in 2004, with money and the varying salaries between the actors believed to be the catalyst of the feud. Since then, both Cattrall and SJP have done multiple interviews addressing and attempting to debunk the rumours. However, Cattrall pulling out of the proposed third Sex and the City movie seemed to be the nail in the coffin for the pair’s relationship.

The absence of Kim Cattrall’s iconic sex positive blonde bombshell, Samantha Jones, has been deeply felt by fans of the Sex and the city franchise. However, following her brief and highly anticipated cameo reprising the role of Jones in the season two finale of And Just Like That…, fans took to Twitter to celebrate her hasty cameo with many hoping for a permanent return to the franchise as HBO renews the show for a third season.

Though these hopes may be far-fetched, as Cattrall stated, “this is as far as I’m gonna go” on the Today Show back in June of this year. And it seems as though Cattrall is more occupied by new projects as she returned to screens in Netflix’s Glamorous, playing Madolyn Addison, CEO of the show’s makeup and beauty empire, which premiered this summer.

Following her fastened reprise of Jones, Catrrall graced the cover of Vogue Greece adorning a black bodycon gown and discussed ageing as a woman in Hollywood stating: “speaking for me, a woman in her sixties that is, I think the biggest challenge is to continue to be relevant, to work, to be able to convey a message, to be relevant” which could further suggest her wishes not to return to the SATC franchise and pursue new ventures. One Twitter user took to the platform claiming Cattrall’s undoubtable beauty was enough to question his sexual orientation. Meanwhile, others reflected on Cattrall’s ability to truly become 

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