She’s Lost Control launch The Boys Club in support of male mental health

One for the boys.

East London creative collective and lifestyle brand She’s Lost Control have been at the forefront of female empowerment and mindfulness for longer than many, and through their events and products have been leading the charge in wellness since their foundation over four years ago. Now though, the female collective are turning their attention to men with the launch of The Boys Club, a series of events aimed at encouraging men to tune in with their own mental health.

While depression, stress and low self esteem are just as common in men as they are in women, it’s a sad reality that many men are more reluctant to discuss these feelings, with women statistically being more likely to seek help. It also might shock you to know that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. So with this in mind SLC are bringing their brand of self help to men with a series at workshops aimed at targeting those mental stumbling blocks.

Events include a workshop to improve mental fitness, breathwork to deal with stress and a night centred around unpacking the complexity of what masculinity means now.

“Alternative wellness is a really female dominant world these days. When we first launched SLC four years ago, it was still early days for the rise of women’s circles, empowering female workshops, and divine feminine sessions, so our sound healing, mediation and mindfulness sessions were way more balanced between men and women,” says Jill Urwin, co-founder of SLC. But now, we really feel that we’re left asking ‘where have all the men gone?’ While we celebrate the rise of the female, have we scared away the men? We feel like it’s time to create a space so men can show up.”

The Boys Club launches on April 4th at She’s Lost Control, 42 Valentine Road, London E9 7AD with tickets available from 

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25 March 2019