3 August 2018

Six next-level hair looks inspired by pop-graffiti

Hair stylist Adrian Clark and photographer Arved Colvin-Smith have teamed up on bold new HUNGER editorial, POP…. DON’T STOP! Drawing inspiration from rebellious graffiti-pop artist Keith Haring.

“I wanted to use hair to paint on rather than the main focus,” Adrian tells us. “It’s been so good to get away from styling the hair into shapes – and just being more honest using the hair in its natural state- but as a canvas – rather than the main focus.”

“”I’ve always been really into how Keith Haring got away from strictly using canvas,” Adrian adds. “He took his art to the streets and applied it to urban objects like trains, walls, windows…I wanted to use this same approach for a hair story- to escape the limitations of styling hair.” See the full shoot below. 

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