14 July 2022

Skinny brows and poofy bangs: Kate Bush’s top beauty moments

From 80's power makeup to grunge, Kate Bush has been serving glorious looks way before her 2022 resurgence.

Thanks to the latest, record-breaking series of Stranger Things, legendary singer-songwriter Kate Bush has managed to project herself right to the forefront of pop culture once again. Even if you don’t watch the sci-fi series, you will have no doubt heard Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ over the past couple of months. After being featured in the show, the song has become one of the biggest viral tracks of the year. It reached the Billboard Hot 100 almost 40 years since it was released and has been memeed to death since its inclusion in the Netflix show.

To pay homage to the star’s meteoric resurgence, the beauty experts at HD Brows took a look at Bush’s most compelling and memorable beauty looks over the years.

80’s power makeup: Hounds Of Love album cover (1985)

While Bush’s music most certainly did the talking on this project, her glamorous look on the album cover is also something to write home about. Bush sports a purple streak in her hair and wears a pastel organza gown in what makes for an extraterrestrial feel.

Image Credit: Hounds Of Love album cover shoot by John Bush

Whimsey and wonder: photoshoot by Claude Vanheye (1978)

In the 70’s and 80’s, Bush was hitting the peak of her powers, as displayed by this mesmerising shoot with Claude Vanheye in which the singer sports a stunning Red Riding Hood-esque look. Almost childlike in its brightness and wonder, Bush rocks the classic red lip with a clashing, cool, purple-toned blush. 

Image Crdit: Claude Vanheye

Grunge Glam: Hilversum Performance (1978)

It’s no surprise that Bush has become an idol of experimentation as she mixed grunge, power and femininity throughout the course of her career. This performance of ‘Wuthering Heights’ featured a powerful punk-inspired look — only fitting for the first woman to hit number one in the UK charts. Take beauty inspiration from Bush by opting for cool-toned brown eyeshadow, heavy coats of eyeliner and mascara, and a brick red lip. 

Bush brows: Under the Ivy (1990)

The skinny brow was a staple in the 90s, and one unlikely adopter was Bush, who wore the pencilled brow look in this iconic photograph by Clive Arrowsmith. Clearly in her cottage-core stage, the musician accessorised with her trademark poofy bangs and some leaves.

Wonder Woman-esque: Babooshka Music Video (1980)

If you’re taking a gander through Bush’s back catalogue, you’ve probably come across the ‘Babooshka’ music video. Sporting a bright blue eyeshadow and nude lip that wouldn’t look out of place today, this beauty look proved that more is more. 

High Fashion: The Kate Inside (2016)

It’s pretty difficult to find a better photographic subject than Bush, and the limited edition book The Kate Inside features hundreds of unseen imagery. In this standout shot, Bush demands attention with intense, coal-rimmed eyes, a cut-crease and gradient lips. You may have seen dark, smudged eye makeup on the likes of Julia Fox on the red carpet, which just proves that Bush is well and truly a trendsetter.

Ethereal Beauty: Wuthering Heights music video (1978)

Does it get any more divine than this? Big hair, silver eyeshadow, feathered brows and a long white gown were all Bush needed to create the look of a lifetime. If you want to channel a similar look for yourself, ask for wispy bangs and raid your nearest vintage store. While fairy-core may be big right now, it was never done better than in the 70s. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Hounds Of Love album cover shoot by John Bush

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