WTH just went down with slowthai and Katherine Ryan?

After reportedly sexually harassing the comedian on stage at the NME Awards, the Northampton rapper became involved in a physical altercation with an audience member.

The NME Awards aren’t traditionally the most note-worthy ceremony of the season, but last night’s incidents propelled the event into today’s tabloid headlines. Reportedly musician slowthai sexually harassed comedian Katherine Ryan, who was hosting the event, on stage. Called out as a “misogynist” by a man in the crowd, slowthai took offence at the accusation; throwing his drink and microphone at the audience member before security personnel intervened. 

Eye witness accounts from the night differ on the details but generally appear to confirm slowthai’s behaviour towards Ryan was inappropriate. There have been claims that he called the comedian “baby girl” and, putting his arms around her, instructed her to; “smell my cologne.” He also reportedly told her that; “You ain’t ever had anyone play with you like me.” Images have since been circulating on social media of the rapper leaning close into the comedian’s personal space.

Ironically, slowthai was at the awards to pick up the award for “Hero of the Year” for his politically-charged songs about austerity, class inequality and Brexit from debut album Nothing Great About Britain.  In response to the controversy, Ryan has taken to Twitter to state that slowthai’s actions did not make her feel uncomfortable.

13 February 2020