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So, Lupe Fiasco has a martial arts television series

Who would of thought this hip hop giant would have a black belt in Karate; two-time black belt in as a black belt in karate, two black belts samurai sword fighting, aiedo and kendo, in addition to Chinese Wushu… you heard that right. 

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco’s father, Gregory was not only prolific member of the Black Panther party, but also a Martial Arts teacher. 

The hip hop artist, put the mic aside (fro just a sec) in this new docu-series, Beat N’ Path, to explore Chinese Martial Arts along his journey of self discovery; “I trained in the martial arts with my father since I was about three years old and it’s always been a passion of mine. Little hints of it pop up here and there in my music, but for the most part, my fans never really saw my martial arts side. They only know me for being a musician and a rapper. Hopefully this show will introduce people to that side of me.”

The series discusses everything from music, the hip hop scene in China to the legacy of some of the most ancient sports on earth. Not only is the docs-series available today, but the star has released the song, ‘Air China’ to accompany it. Seeping with social commentary and critique, this is the Lupe we’ve come to know and love.

1 July 2019