Something you can do right now to support #BLM

A list of organisations to donate to and petitions to put your name to.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the black man who was killed in Minneapolis by a white police officer last week, the world has taken to the streets to fight the injustice. And though the world is a shaky place right now due to the pandemic, the fight for black lives continues.

Your social media feed is probably full of images and videos perfect for resharing and reposting. Though these streams of content are welcome and do help bring attention to the cause, there are plenty more ways to make a difference beyond your double-tap and #blacklivesmatter hashtag. In order to be anti-racist, it requires you to speak up and for your activism to be uncompromising and loud. If you cannot take to the streets, there are plenty of organisations that would greatly appreciate a donation in any form.

Here is a list of a few organisations you can support:

Black Lives Matter: Donate here to support the work of #BLM.

George Floyd Memorial Fund: Help contribute to George Floyd’s memorial fund here.

Minnesota Freedom Fund: Donate to a bail fund for individuals protesting the murder of George Floyd here.

Justice for Breonna Taylor: Sign this petition to seek justice for the death of Breonna Taylor.

National Bailout Fund #FreeBlackMamas: Donate here to bail out Black mothers and caregivers in the US.

Show Racism The Red Card: Support the UK’s leading anti-racism educational charity here.

Black Youth Project 100: Donate to this member-based organization of Black youth activists here


1 June 2020