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Sound Spotlight: Experimental Womxn Psych

Sound Spotlight is our new playlist highlighting the music of past and present, paying homage to the talents of artists working in the avant-garde, the underground, and those who were ahead of their time.

The boundaries of music are always being reinvented and pushed by the innovation of technology, and those who utilise it in new ways. Yet even in this technologically capable age the music industry seems to have forgotten about diversity. According to a 2017 study, women only make up 16.8% of the music industry. And while women like Suzanne Ciani have been making waves within electronic and experimental music, since synthesisers were invented – the representation at most festivals doesn’t get much better either, with more than most headline lineups being male dominated. Although this year the Barcelona based festival, Primavera Sound has made a stand with it’s line up; “The New Normal” of which more than 50% are women – a few of which can be found on our playlist.

So for this weeks Sound Spotlight were focusing on the women of experimental music. This playlist lets beat heavy tracks, featuring rhythmic vocal loops, and upbeat tempos take centre stage.

Press play to get your blood pumping.

19 April 2019