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When it comes to charing music, whats better than a playlist? A MIX!!! 

Heres a list of some of the best mixtapes and live sets we could find. It’s non-stop back-2-back fun and grooves.

Also I know I can’t be the only one who really misses mixed compilation albums?

Honey Dijon Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain

Icon, Legend and Star. Honey Dijon on this infamous Sugar Mountain Boiler Room set, not only brings some incredible tracks, but she brings an energy like no other – and you can tell the crowd really feel it. One of the comments puts it better than I ever could: “Honey that is NOT a HOUSE SET!! That is a HOUSE REVIVAL!! I feel the spirit in me!! … Thank you Rev. Bishop. Dr. Honey!!”

Special mention to the build up around the 15 minute mark – it is truly goosebump inducing.


RA LIVE: Bicep at Printworks

Vibe: Everything electronic
A full non-stop “90 minutes of spine-tingling euphoria”, featuring a blend of trance, house, techno and everything electronic. When it come to live electronic sets Bicep have forged themselves as a force to be reckoned with, its a carefully curated journey through their discography and some of their influences. They’ve also got some of the best light shows in the biz.


Vibe: Classic n’ Groovy
This one is not only great to listen to listen too, but its great to watch. Jeff Mills makes mixing 3 vinyls look like easy work (he usually mixes with 4 so for him it’s probably a walk in the park). It’s truly like watching a master at work. He takes us through urban soul, jazz, big band, techno and so much more. It’s a great mix to start the party, and keep it going.



Vibe: Samples from the greats, made greater (in a very different way)
It’s the kinda mix that makes you wanna dance and cry… its an hard hitting ethereal pic n’ mix of tracks from Fat Boy Slim, Cher Tatu, and Crystal Castles. The creators of this eclectic mix is by WENCH which consists of Arca and Shayne Oliver (Yes, Hood By Air Shayne Oliver). The mix was created for one of the HBA shows, and while we all anticipate the return of HBA get into this mix.


MCMLXXXV | Boiler Room x Herrensauna

Vibe: The sun is coming up and I’m not going home.
You like techno? Boiler Room has got you sorted, this set is from their Herrensauna night at Tresor (One of the legendary berlin techno clubs). Man of the hour, MCMLXXXV (pronounced “1995”) gives us 90’s trance, eloquently mixed in with some hair splitting techno. The bonus to this is the crowd dancing like nobody is watching, t’was the vibe.


9 August 2019