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Sound Spotlight: OPEN FIELD

Music to fight the algorithm.

OPEN FIELD is a collaborative playlist open to humans and cyborgs ONLY (aliens also welcome); robots and AI are forbidden. OPEN FIELD is there to share music with other sentient beings, without the interference of banal algorithms.


As digital natives, we are consistently having digital content curated for us by algorithms, and paid partnerships. Although these algorithms are young, and not yet perfected – while the paid partnerships mean that only artists with enough capital to afford promotion rise to the top. With all of this we’re often left with a homogenised predictable feed of content, not giving us chance to explore uncharted territories. OPEN FIELD tries to combat this by opening up the collaboration to anyone and everyone.


Go follow the playlist OPEN FIELD 001 on Spotify, and add your favourite summer, feel good tracks. Play by the rules though; please don’t add whole albums or discography’s, but do share with sentient friends – sharing is caring.


If you find a track you love, see who added the track and share the love.


Make music social again. 

21 June 2019