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No... the internet is not over (yet).

Although the name of this genre might suggest it; no – the internet hasn’t ended (well… not yet anyway). Like any post-modernism, post-industrial or post-whatever every movement has its reactionary period.

It’s not exactly a new movement or genre, with the widespread adoption of the internet, this movement of art, culture and music has been gaining traction since the early 2010s. From the edges of avant-garde, it’s sound has been working its way into the mainstream sound; with artists like SOPHIE producing tracks for the likes of Madonna, Vince Staples and Charli XCX. While continuing to exist as its own sonic universe on the periphery of pop culture, which has been adopted and celebrated by young queer communities of artists, club-goers and bedroom dwellers. It’s a genre which has a very blurred border, which is something to be celebrated in a political climate which seeks to divide us.

Don’t take life too seriously – dance.

6 September 2019