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Sound Spotlight: Trans-sistor, an LGBTQ+ playlist

Sound Spotlight is our new playlist highlighting the music of past and present, paying homage to the talents of artists working in the avant-garde, the underground, and those who were ahead of their time.

“Tell a transgender person that you appreciate them, acknowledge that you like them in public, to your friends, to your co-workers, to your damn family. Don’t keep us in the dark, on the side, in some secret little place in your mind. Step out, acknowledge who we are to you, and appreciate us like that.”

On Transgender day of visibility, Miss Major made this statement, relaying how Transgender day of visibility is not necessarily the responsibility of Trans* people, but it is also the responsibility of their friends and allies – to hold them to esteem. As for too long they have been disregarded, outcast and left in the shadows. It’s about time for us to shine a light on the talent of Trans* and Queer people. So for the first music spotlight, we’re championing Trans* and Queer musicians who deserve the limelight, not just today – but everyday. Press play below now.

12 April 2019