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Spectrum of beauty

Photographer Antonio Eugenio and makeup artist Bari Khalique team up to create a beauty editorial exploring one woman’s emotional journey.

We’ve come to realise that makeup doesn’t always have to be about “beauty” — it can be a powerful tool for self-expression, whether that be gender expression, creative expression, or even emotional expression. This is the premise of Antonio Eugenio and Bari Khalique’s latest beauty editorial: a journey through one woman’s inner emotional struggle as told via bright pinks, smoky eyes and golden accents. 

“Makeup is now used to challenge stereotypical gender identities but also to translate subliminal emotions. It’s definitely not just being used in a corrective manner,” photographer Eugenio said, explaining the concept further. “Young people now are using makeup with way more irony and playfulness. They use it to show who they are or who they want to be.”

“Each look has been created to portray the journey of our model through her emotions, passion, inner-turmoil. Really like storytelling. We used makeup in an emotionally evocative and expressive way,” says makeup artist Bari Khalique.

Check out the full editorial below. 

4 March 2020