Stalk Ashley Is Going Global

HUNGER catches up with the Jamaican singer-songwriter whose party-ready tracks bring a dash of sweetness to the dance-floor.

Hailing from Mandeville, Jamaica but currently based in Kingston, Stalk Ashley is the songstress whose dancehall-tinged, R&B-pop is going global. Over the past three years, her honey-drenched vocals and diaristic lyrics about drunk-texting, loser boyfriends and intimacy have won her a burgeoning international fanbase, an Instagram following of over 200,000 and cosigns from Jorja Smith and Stormzy.

Clearly, big things are on the horizon for the singer-songwriter, who’s set to release her debut EP later this year. To celebrate her latest track, heater “TIP (The Party)”, we dialled Ashley up to learn about the relationships that changed her life and the artists who have made her who she is today. 


Great to meet you. First thing’s first, describe your sound in three words.

Sultry, refreshing and unique.


Who are the artists who have had the biggest impact on you and why?

Alkaline, Young Thug, Beyoncé and Rih Rih. Very random selection but I’ve fell in love with each of these artists’ style and dedication to their craft and the success they have found.


Tell us about someone that’s changed your life for the better?

I’ve had quite a few experiences with different people who just made me realise exactly what I didn’t want for myself. They were bad experiences but they ultimately shaped me into a better person.


Your music is known for being sexually empowered — why do you think it’s important to be open about sexuality?

A lot of people hiding behind a shadow and each of them for different reasons, I think it’s always important to be true to yourself and I just hope that I can inspire people to do that.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I hope my fans find peace in my voice, solace in my words and ultimately strength and confidence to embrace every part of themselves.


Anything you would change about the world we live in currently?

I wish corona would just go away but besides the obvious, I wish people were more open to accepting opinions that conflict theirs. A world without opinions will never exist and while we may not all share the same ones, we can agree to disagree peacefully 


What’s one piece of advice you wish you could give to your younger self?

I wish I could tell young Stash that it would all get better in time and to keep believing in myself because it will surely take me to places unimaginable to me then.


First thing you’re doing when the pandemic ends?

I can’t wait to perform live.


One last thing, what’s next for you?

My debut project that is to be released this year


Stream Stalk Ashley’s latest single “TIP (The Party)” here

17 March 2021