17 March 2023

Stella McCartney takes sustainability to new heights with this biodegradable sequin jumpsuit

Cara Delevingne recently modelled the first-ever garment made from plastic-free, plant-based sequins.

Stella McCartney is rewriting the book on sustainability, creating the world’s first-ever garment made from plastic-free, plant-based sequins – a completely biodegradable sequin jumpsuit.

Dubbed “BioSequins,” the designer’s newest innovation comes courtesy of Radiant Matter – a material innovation company that creates sequins derived from plant-based cellulose, resulting in plastic-free, biodegradable and non-toxic pieces which contain no metals, minerals or synthetic pigments and colourants.

Stella McCartney

McCartney utilised the BioSequins to create an all-in-one jumpsuit, handmade at the brand’s London atelier and custom-made for model and activist Cara Delevingne. “I am amazed by the iridescent beauty of our BioSequin all-in-one — handcrafted in my London atelier from plant-derived, non-toxic sequins that are even more stunning than conventional options. Who says sustainability can’t be sexy?” the designer says in a press release.

The process came about as a result of looking into the effects of the fashion industry on the world’s already-existing plastic problem. According to Oxfam, British women purchase 33 million sequinned garments every festive season, with 1.7 million garments ending up in landfill. As a result of this, 35% of microplastics currently contaminating the world’s oceans are found to be coming from synthetic clothing. Highlighting the cruciality of sustainable clothing.

The jumpsuit may not be commercially available as of yet; however, its introduction is certainly a small step in the right direction when it comes to sustainability in fashion.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Stella McCartney / Vogue

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