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Step inside the surreal world of Post Wook

Meet the artist pushing the boundaries of contemporary surrealism.

Inspired by her everyday life, Natasha describes her work as contemporary surrealism and limited edition everything. “It’s the most succinct way to describe what I’m doing in six words. I like to blend reality with fantasy; rational thinking with irrational thinking,” she explains.

In LA where she lives, “it’s not uncommon to look at a city landscape with a mountain range behind it and look up and see gorgeous sunsets on top of rolling hills,” she tells me. “So making art out of it doesn’t feel that far off. If I ever need a fresh dose of creativity, a long drive through the Angeles National Forest or a hike in Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon usually does the trick for me. Something clicks when I’m in nature and I hold that feeling really close to me.”

With a tarot deck project on the way and her ever-growing artist licensing company Art Grab, Natasha’s future looks bright and busy. “Every time I get an inquiry I’m flooded with gratitude that someone wants to work with me and use my art for their vision. It’s truly a gift.”

Check out Natasha’s work on Instagram here.

13 August 2019