Stephanie Deangelis is the LA-based illustrator encouraging the female gaze

Illustrator and designer Stephanie Deangelis is changing the way we see nudes.

The Los Angeles based artist shows women going about their everyday activities, and often they’re naked: not in the male gaze sort of naked, in the casual honest real-woman sort of naked. From lounging about eating pizza, doing a skincare routine, cooling off in front of a fan or giving a dog a stroke, it emphasises the authentic way women act.

Drawing from a young age, Deangelis draws inspiration from daily life and internal thoughts, she aims to empower women through her illustrations, going against the hyper-sexualisation of women’s bodies. Telling Ball Pit about what she hopes to achieve with her art, Stephanie Deangelis explains that she wants to offer “some form of reliability with others” so that they “can look at it and see themselves”. So have a scroll and find yourself in her playful work, and follow Stephanie Deangelis on Instagram here now.

  • words Kitty Robson
  • images Stephanie Deangelis

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