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Style Notes with Korean-Brit artpop duo WOOZE

HUNGER caught up with rising London-based duo, Theo Spark and Jamie She of WOOZE, to talk anime style inspiration, hidden gems in Seoul and the art of a Roger Moore party suit.

Hey Theo and Jamie! First things first, where did you two meet? 


How would you describe your style in three words? 

Hand me downs.

What is one of your earliest fashion memories?

 T – Wearing my Oshkosh B’gosh dungarees when I was 4 and dislocating my shoulder in the park.

J – My earliest fashion memory is throwing a cap off my head because I realised it had ‘James’ written on it instead of ‘Jamie’.

Your go-to party outfit? 

J – My go-to is my ‘Roger Moore’ suit which I sport in the MV for ‘Party Without Ya’. It’s a 70’s designer attempt at a 20’s suit, a bit like Robert Redford as the Great Gatsby.

T – Mine is probably my birthday suit which is getting increasingly vintage as time goes on. It’s a young man’s attempt at an old man’s suit, a bit like Benjamin Button at the beginning.

If you could pack only five fashion items to live in what would they be?

T – The aforementioned ‘Roger Moore’ suit for Jamie, my Charms tracksuit to offset the formality, my mum’s gold earring which I’ve worn since I got my ear pierced for the first time, this vintage rose earring I got in Seoul since I got my ear pierced for the last time, and finally my specs, which are purported to be 70s NHS glasses but I have doubts.

The most stylish film character of all time?

T – Style-wise I much prefer what people in anime wear than in films and with that in mind I’ll have to say Hisoka from ‘Hunter X Hunter’ and his jester outfit or Gilthunder from ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and his incredible pink hair.

 The most stylish man in music… 

 J – Obviously David Bowie

T – Jamie She

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The best places to shop in Seoul (Theo’s homeland)?

T – All the best places I’ve found, as with most things, have been completely by chance. There’s this boot-maker I came across in the depths of an Itaewon underground market who’s been making boots for the characters in Seoul’s theme park parades for decades and he made me a pair of bespoke yellow cowboy boots for peanuts.  The flower market in the Express Bus Terminal is fantastic. It’s hidden away on the third floor of this massive bus complex and it’s surreal seeing this ocean of flowers inside the belly of this concrete block. I used to go with my ma the morning after we landed around 4am because of the jet lag. Hongdae pretty much everything on offer – last time Jamie and I were there we went to this Meerkat cafe which had a dozen Meerkats and a baby kangaroo wandering around while we had a coffee.

And the best place for vintage?

T – I really like the vintage market inside Gwangjang market, which is hidden away on the second floor above all the street food stalls, which do great traditional korean meals.

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s – what’s your favourite fashion era?

J – The 70s is my favourite because, as with Rococo, it held completely new styles. As well as that, though, its cuts were in line with the best of what came centuries before.

If one designer could dress you for the rest of your life, who would it be? 

T – The only designer clothing I have are my CK boxers so probably that.

J – Pam Hogg would be my designer, because I’d want an opportunity to tell her off for stealing my hair

Who dyes your hair? And why orange / yellow? 

T – Our friend Jess does it in her house. I’m orange because that’s the only colour I hadn’t really done before. Jamie’s only ever dyed his hair yellow and probably only ever will do. We both will live to dye another day and dye hard.

Check out WOOZE’s new single ‘Party Without Ya’, out now on Young Poet Records. You can watch the video here and follow them on Instagram @woozeband.

7 September 2018

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